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of a trademark

We will register your TM in Ukraine, Europe, USA and other countries

What does a trade mark give you?

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A trademark is not just a legal instrument, but also a powerful tool for shaping a company's image. Registration of a trademark allows an entrepreneur to improve his or her reputation in the market, as a registered trademark guarantees the origin of goods or services from a particular manufacturer. This creates trust among consumers who value quality and reliability, knowing that they are buying products or services backed by the name of a reputable business.

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Entering global markets

Trademark registration plays a key role in entering global markets, as it provides legal protection for your brand at the international level. Possession of a registered trademark signals to foreign partners and consumers that the company is serious about its intentions and its commitment to ensuring high quality products or services. This creates a foundation for trust and brand recognition in new markets, facilitates easier entry into international retail chains and expands sales geography.

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Domain registration in the (.ua) zone

Registration of a trademark is a key condition for obtaining a .ua domain name, as only owners of registered TMs have the right to apply for such domains in accordance with Ukrainian law. This ensures the exclusivity of your brand's online presence, protecting it from possible use by third parties. The owner of the TM automatically gets an advantage in the registration of the corresponding domain.

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Possibility of granting a franchise

Owning a registered trademark opens up the possibility of granting a franchise, which is a significant advantage for business expansion. Registration of a trademark gives the owner the right to licence other companies to use its brand, which allows them to effectively scale their operations without direct investment in new locations. This approach not only contributes to the growth of brand awareness and reputation, but also provides additional royalty income, while maintaining control over the quality of goods or services provided under your trademark.


Legal protection

Registration of a trademark provides its owner with legal protection against unauthorised use by third parties. This legal status entitles the company to exclusive use of the mark in its commercial activities and the ability to take legal action to protect its rights in case of infringement. The owner of the TM has the tools to combat counterfeiting, unfair competition and cybersquatting, which significantly reduces the risk of economic losses and negative impact on the brand's reputation.

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Compensation for violations

Owners of registered trademarks have the right to claim compensation for infringement of their rights. In the event of unlawful use of a trademark by third parties, it is possible to seek compensation in court. This applies not only to financial losses, but also to non-pecuniary damage and lost profits that could have been obtained through the legitimate use of the trademark.


In which countries do we register trademarks?

We have partners all over the world and register trademarks in almost all countries of the world, to name just a few geographical areas:

Trademark Registration USA


Trademark Registration Ukraine


Trademark Registration EU


Trademark Registration United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Trademark Registration Australia


Trademark Registration China


What determines the price of tM?

How much does it cost to register a TM

Registration of a trademark in Ukraine

Regular registration, with increased risks, no prior similarity check

from 5 500₴
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Trademark registration in Ukraine with verification

Premium registration, with minimal risks, with preliminary germination check

from 8 000₴
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Registration of an international trade mark

Registration of an international trademark with full support

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*The price of a trademark registration depends on many factors, such as state fees, duties and legal fees


*As an additional service, we provide a unique guarantee in the Ukrainian market: if, after our pre-registration check of your trademark and implementation of our recommendations, the registration still fails, we will refund all the money spent.

By choosing us, you get not only peace of mind, but also a guarantee of a refund in case of unsuccessful trademark registration. Don't hesitate to entrust this critical process to professionals!

*This covers the costs of verification, application and state fees. In this case, the cost of verification is higher, and the refund for state fees is limited to one class of the Nice Classification (UAH 3,000).

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Our results in numbers

We have created an infographic that says it all for us and answers the questions: Why us?

Successfully registered TMs
Successfully registered trademarks in the case of a preliminary search
Successfully overcome refusals to register a trademark after we filed appeals
Pre-registration inspections of trademarks conducted in 2023 alone

We are trusted by 500+ companies around the world

About us

Polikarpov Law Firm - is a Ukrainian law firm specialising in the protection of intellectual property rights and intangible business assets.

Our team has many years of experience working with various intellectual property objects, including trademarks, inventions, industrial designs and copyright. We help our clients build and scale their brands in a safe and risk-free manner as they enter international markets.

Our experience in developing effective intellectual property strategies enables us to help clients prevent infringement and protect their intellectual property rights.

The team of Polikarpov Law Firm


He has 20 years of experience in providing legal services, patent attorney at Law, leads leading companies from Forbes.

She works closely with clients to prevent and remedy rights violations and provides legal advice on a wide range of issues.


He has a deep understanding of Ukrainian intellectual property law and provides support in drafting legal documents.


She supports the trademark registration process at all stages, identifies all risks and communicates with clients.

He has extensive experience in corporate and commercial law. Alexey's main goal is to provide clients with tailored solutions.

Contact us today!

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Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to 90% of your questions

What are the types of trademarks?

Trademarks can be classified according to different criteria and take different forms. Here are the main types of trademarks:

Word marks: These are trademarks consisting of words, phrases, letters or numbers. They can include company names, product names, slogans, etc.

Figurative marks: These marks include graphic elements, logos, drawings, symbols or illustrations. These can be abstract images as well as concrete figures or objects.

Combination stamps: These are marks that combine verbal and pictorial elements. For example, a logo with a company name and a graphic image.

There are also specific categories of brands based on their colour scheme:

Black and white trademarks: These are trademarks presented exclusively in black and white. Registering a trademark in black and white can provide greater protection, as you do not claim a specific colour and can use the trademark in any colour variation.

Colour Trademarks: These are marks that include one or more colours. An important aspect when registering a colour trademark is the precise specification of the colours, as they are an important part of the brand.

Sometimes companies register trademarks in certain colours to protect that particular colour combination.

Does a trademark have to be unique?

Yes, a trademark should be unique.

In the process of registering a trademark, it is important that it does not look similar to other already registered trademarks, as this may cause conflicts and refusal of registration.

Before filing an application for trademark registration, it is recommended to conduct a preliminary search to determine whether there are similar or confusingly similar trademarks. If the examination reveals similarities with other marks, this may result in a preliminary refusal of registration.

Thus, the uniqueness of a trademark is one of the important conditions for successful registration and obtaining a protection document.

How to check if a trademark is not taken?

In order to check your name or logo and identify potential risks in the registration process, we recommend that you conduct a “preliminary search” with our help.

This stage involves not only searching for similar names or logos, but also checking whether your name or logo is compliant with the legal requirements. The preliminary search results include two files:

а) The preliminary search results, which shows all the identified trademarks with different levels of similarity to yours.

б) A report that highlights the “most dangerous” identified trademarks, summarises the existing risks in registration and provides individual recommendations for further registration of your name or logo.

This procedure will help you make an informed choice about registering your trademark and minimise possible risks.

How to register an international trademark?

Unfortunately, there is no concept of an “international trademark” yet, and trademark registration must be carried out in each country separately. Trademark registration procedures are determined by the national legislation of each country or region.

You should file your trademark for registration under this system if you are interested in registering in several different countries, or if you plan to expand your registration geographically in the future.

Before filing applications for registration in other countries, it is recommended to obtain professional advice from Polikarpov Law Firm’s intellectual property legal experts, as the rules and requirements may differ from country to country.

Is registering a brand and registering a trademark the same thing?

The terms “register a brand” and “register a trademark” are often used interchangeably, but they can be viewed from different perspectives.

Register a brand: A brand includes not only a logo, but also other elements, such as design, slogan and the overall image concept of the company.
Brand registration may include registration of various brand elements, including trademarks, but is not necessarily limited to trademarks.

Register a trademark: A trademark is a specific sign that identifies the goods or services of one manufacturer from others. It can be a word, a symbol, a combination of words and images, a colour sign, etc. Registration of a trademark involves filing an application for official registration of this mark with an intellectual property authority.

Thus, brand registration may include the registration of trademarks and other brand elements, but they may also be considered separately depending on the company’s strategy. In particular, if you want to protect a specific mark that identifies your goods or services, trademark registration is necessary.

Is it possible to register a trademark without a sole proprietorship or a company?

In Ukraine, you do not need to be a sole proprietor or have a legal entity (company) to register a trademark. Individuals can also register their trademark.

If you, as an individual, have decided to register a trademark, you need to submit an application for registration to the Ukrainian Trademark Office with your details.

Usually, the application contains the owner’s personal data, such as name, surname, address and other contact details. It is important to note that this may require you to provide your passport details.

Please be sure to check the current legislation and requirements at the time of filing your application, as they may change over time. The requirements may differ in other countries, so it is also recommended to contact the national intellectual property authorities or intellectual property specialists to register a trademark in other jurisdictions

What do you need to do before registering a trademark?

Before registering a trademark in Ukraine, it is recommended to take the following steps:

Defining a trade mark: Selecting the name, logo, slogan, etc. to be used as a trade mark. It is important that these elements are unique and meet the criteria established by law.

Check for uniqueness: Conducting a search in trademark databases to ensure that the selected mark is not similar or identical to registered or pending trademarks.

Selection of classes of goods and services: Determination of classes according to the International Classification of Goods and Services in respect of which the TM will be registered.

‍Preparation of the necessary documents: Collection and preparation of documents required for filing an application, including an application for trademark registration, TM image, list of goods and services covered by the trademark, etc.

What are trademark classes and how to define them?

Trademark classes are categories of goods and services defined in the International Classification of Goods and Services (also known as the Nice Classification).

This classification was created to standardise the trademark registration process and to divide goods and services into clearly defined categories. There are 45 classes in total, where the first 34 classes are for goods and the last 11 are for services.

What you need to do to determine the appropriate classes for your trade mark:

Analysis of goods and services: Make a detailed list of the goods or services that you plan to mark with your trademark.

Study the Nice Classification: Review the list of classes in the Nice Classification to determine which classes your goods or services may fall under.

Precise definition of classes: Select specific classes that best fit the nature of your brand. This can be one class or several, depending on the variety of goods/services.

Consultation with a specialist: It is recommended to contact a patent attorney or an IP specialist at Polikarpov Law Frim to accurately determine the classes and avoid mistakes.

Choosing the right classes is important because it determines the scope of legal protection for a trademark. The wrong choice can lead to insufficient protection or difficulties during registration.

What determines the cost of trademark registration?

Factors that affect the cost of trademark registration:

Official fee: It is set by the state authorities of Ukraine and is mandatory for payment.

Number of classes of goods and services: The cost depends on how many classes of the International Classification of Goods and Services the application is filed for. A larger number of classes may increase the total cost.

Services of a patent attorney or law firm: If you decide to seek professional assistance, the cost of such services is also included in the total cost of registration.

Complexity of the procedure: The need to conduct additional research, search or analyse similar marks may increase the total cost of registration: There is a difference between the cost of registering a trade mark at the national level and an “international registration”, such as under the Madrid Protocol. International registration is usually more expensive due to the involvement of additional procedures and tariffs in each country, as there is no such term as “international registration”, registration takes place in each country separately.

You can always use our service to find out how much it will cost to register a trademark in Ukraine.

How long does it take to register a trademark and what does it depend on?

The process of trade mark registration in Ukraine can indeed take a considerable period of time, in particular from 18 to 22 months.

This duration may depend on the following factors:

Examination of the application: The evaluation of a filed trade mark application takes place in several stages, including a review for compliance with formal requirements and a search for pre-registered marks.

After the initial examination, where compliance of the application with formal requirements is checked, the trade mark is checked for similarity with other trade marks and for compliance with other legal requirements. In case of similarity or non-compliance of the trade mark with the legislation, the examiner may issue a decision on preliminary refusal of registration.

This decision is not final and can be overcome by forming a reasoned/motivated response. After reading the response, the examiner will be able to make a final decision.

Answers to Objections: If objections arise during registration or additional documents are required, the process may be delayed.

Congestion of registration authorities: The high volume of applications and the overall workload of UKRNOIVI can also affect the length of the process.

Complexity and specificity of the application: In cases where the application is for a non-traditional or particularly complex trade mark, the process may take longer.

With these factors in mind, it is important to prepare and submit your application carefully to avoid delays and utilise the services of our qualified professionals to ensure that all required documents are correct and complete.

Is there an expedited trademark registration?

At the moment, due to the martial law in Ukraine, the possibility of an accelerated trademark registration procedure has been cancelled.

Previously, there was an option for expedited registration with the Ukrainian National Office of Intellectual Property and Innovations, which allowed for a shorter timeframe for processing and examination of applications. However, due to the hostilities, the resources and capabilities of the Ukrainian National Office of Intellectual Property and Innovation are limited, making the use of the fast-track procedure currently unavailable or limited.

As a result, the process of registering trademarks may take longer than under normal circumstances. Companies and individual entrepreneurs should consider potential delays and plan their actions with these limitations in mind.

What are the stages of trademark registration?

The trademark registration process in Ukraine consists of the following steps:

Free consultation: At this stage, you will receive information about the registration procedure, the list of required documents, the timeframe of the entire process, as well as the amount of official fees and the cost of services.

‍”Smart” online trademark verification: Your trademark is checked in public registers to determine its uniqueness and the absence of conflicts with other registered or pending trademarks.

Remote collection of documents: At this stage, you provide all the necessary information and documents for the application, including the image (logo) or name of the trademark, the categories of goods and services for which you want to register the TM, and a signed power of attorney form.

Filing for registration: After forming the trademark application and receiving all the necessary documents, the application is sent to the Ukrainian Trademark and Trademark Office. After submission, you will receive your application and a receipt of acceptance of the trademark for consideration.

Examination: Firstly, your application is checked for correctness and availability of all necessary documents. After that, the examiner checks your trademark for similarity to other trademarks filed for registration/registered, as well as for compliance with other criteria for granting legal protection.

Recieving the certificate: After successful examination and payment of all fees for the issuance of a protection document, you will receive a certificate of trademark registration.

Please note that during the martial law period, submission of original documents is not required, which simplifies the registration process.

Do I need to issue a power of attorney for lawyers?

Thus, issuing a power of attorney to lawyers is a mandatory step in the process of trademark registration in Ukraine.

If you apply for TM registration with the help of a lawyer, you need to provide the registration authority with a duly executed power of attorney for such a person.

A power of attorney is an official document that gives your lawyer or patent attorney the right to act on your behalf in matters related to the registration of a trademark. This may include filing an application, conducting correspondence with the Ukrainian National Office of Intellectual Property and Innovations (UNIPI), responding to inquiries, representing your interests in discussions of oppositions and other related actions.

Usually, the power of attorney must be signed by you as the applicant and duly certified to be legally valid.

In wartime, the procedure for issuing a power of attorney may be simplified, but it is still necessary to ensure that your interests are properly represented.

How can I find out at what stage of trademark registration?

Our team of lawyers provides comprehensive support and information support to clients at every stage of the trademark registration process. You will receive regular updates on key changes and milestones related to your application.

However, should you have any questions or require detailed information regarding the current status of your application, we encourage you to contact the lawyer handling your case directly. He or she will provide you with individualised advice and answer all your questions, providing you with the latest and most relevant information.

What documents are required to register a trademark?

To start the trademark registration process, we need to receive the following information from you:

Data on the future owner of the trademark:
For an individual: Full name, identification number, passport details (series and number, issuing authority and date of issue) or ID card number and details (date of issue, validity period), registration address or address according to the certificate of an internally displaced person or location of a sole proprietorship.

For a legal entity: Full name, identification code (EDRPOU code), legal address, full name and position of the head of the legal entity.

Information about the trademark: The spelling of the trademark or a high-quality image of it in jpg, jpeg or png format.

Power of attorney signed by the future owner: We will send you a power of attorney form that you will need to print out, sign and then send us a photo or scan of the signed document.These documents and information are necessary to ensure the correctness and completeness of the trademark registration procedure.