What is “a trademark”?

A trademark (ТМ) may be a certain word, a word combination, a slogan, a logo, even a color or a sound (a melody) – anything that distinguishes your “product” or service among competitors. A consumer (a potential client) may recognize you and your business according to your brand name, according to an exclusive identity (symbols and graphical images), according to branded colors, according to a specific package or slogan. For example, almost everyone knows that a chocolate bar in a violet package is “Milka”, and that “Tiffany” is a name of the famous jewelry brand. Trademarks form your uniqueness and your brand’s uniqueness.

Why you should register your own trademark?

Trademark registration provides its owner with a number of competitive advantages:


Reliability and good reputation in the eyes of partners, contractors

The registration serves as a guarantee and as a direct proof that your name, your symbol, your package are original and are not “borrowed” from others. The registered trademark attracts partners.


Making a profit by your trademark

The trademark may be profitable, if you know how to work with it correctly.

The trademark enables to initiate your own “franchise”. The franchise allows to authorize other parties (partners) to do business that is identical to your own business for a corresponding fee. The latter will have a right to use the name of your brand, names of your “products”, your visual elements etc. upon your permission. In 2022, “Salateira”, “Lviv Croissants”, “Aroma Kava”, “Novus”, “Еко-Лавка”, “Zarina” became the most popular Ukrainian franchises.

The trademark may be “sold” or provided for a temporary use. Corresponding actions may be conducted only by the trademark owner on corresponding contractual terms: according to an assignment agreement (“selling”) or according to a license agreement (“temporary use”). The license agreement is a kind of analogue of a rental. Instead of a room or a land plot, you provide the trademark for rent.


Control of use of your trademark

The owner of the registered trademark has a right to prohibit and to terminate any inconsistent use of their trademark or similar designation.


Obtaining a domain in UA zone

The domain in the .UA zone is an address of a web resource (a web site) in Internet that allows users to find the latter according to their own search request. For example, you own a registered TM “FIALKA”. As the TM owner, you have a right to obtain a domain “fialka.ua” in order to use it.

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